The purpose of this website is to promote the many small businesses, and the people and places that make Route 66 the best "Road Trip" in America!

We provide a calendar of events, and links to the people, places and businesses on the Mother Road. 

Keep checking-back often as the Advertiser is continually updated with fresh stories, articles, event coverage and new ads from new (and existing) Route 66 businesses. Click on the "Read Current Edition" link above to read the latest, updated issue.   Thanks.
About Us
YES, we are.  And why not?
We love The Mother Road, but  we also love Mother Earth.
By publishing the ADVERTISER Online, we hope to eliminate the use of
tons of newspaper and the gas it takes to deliver the magazine along the Route.
Saving our natural resources helps the planet we live on!
Reaching our readers around the world and saving our sponsor's money is also a good thing!